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ATM Vault Cash program

Turnkey ATM machine cash just got affordable. E-Machines now offers an ATM vault cash and partner program called E-Machines CA$H Alliance. This comprehensive cash solution provides your business with access to cash, armored carrier management and forecasting services – at highly competitive rates! E-Machines. has partnered with Cash Connect by WSFS Bank, a premier supplier of vault cash, to provide a great benefit to our Market Partners.


When your business utilizes E-Machines. CA$H Alliance, you can successfully and economically run your ATM machine program at very affordable rates - possibly even saving money when compared to your current operating costs. The program includes:

  • • Vault Cash
  • • Armored Carrier Cost (includes all fuel surcharges)
  • • Total Cash Management (carrier, forecasting, reconciliation)
  • • Insurance
  • • Benefits of E-Machines CA$H Alliance
  • • Free up your time & cash
  • • Grow your business
  • • Earn higher rates of return
  • • Lower your costs (vehicle, gas, salary, insurance, back-office, downtime)
  • • Safety for your employees and customers
  • • Cash is fully insured
  • • On-line monitoring
  • • Nationwide coverage
  • • Streamlined set-up

Take the headaches away from managing every part of the ATM machine cash loading process and let E-Machines. handle everything for you by participating in the E-Machines CA$H Alliance program! You’ll be able to grow your business with all the extra time and money you save!

Get an ATM Installed

When someone uses an ATM machine, they pay a fee called a surcharge. People recognize they’re paying for the convenience of getting cash when and where they need it. Each year billions of ATM transactions are performed for a fee. Start making money by providing convenience to your customers with ATM installation services!

Get an ATM installed in locations to boost customer traffic, increase per-ticket and overall sales, and improve your per-customer profit! Plus, with more cash sales, getting an ATM installed can decrease your credit card fees and bad check losses.


Full services ATM placement program

Qualified locations can take advantage of our ATM Placement Program and still receive a portion of the surcharge from each ATM cash withdrawal. Full Service Placement Program

  • • Local E-Machines. representative places the terminal in a qualified location FREE of charge.
  • • Local E-Machines. representative provides hardware, service, maintenance, cash, and paper loading while under the placement contract.
  • • You provide the power

Merchant-Loaded ATM Placement Services

  • • Local E-Machines. representative places the terminal in a qualified location FREE of charge.
  • • Local E-Machines. representative provides hardware, service, and supplies for the terminal while under the placement contract
  • • You provide first-line maintenance: cash, paper loading services, and power.


Buy or lease you ATM with Payment Alliance International. Through customized ownership options, we will match you with the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Lease or Buy an ATM Machine

  • • Purchase: You may buy your ATM machine directly from Payment Alliance International, using check, cash, and/or credit card.
  • • Leasing: You can lease an ATM from us with a buyout option at the end of the contract period. Merchants must meet certain credit requirements, but 99% of lease applications are approved.

Wireless ATM

E-Machines. Wireless offers the widest range of carriers, cost savings and reliability for secure wireless connectivity of ATMs throughout the United States.

E-Machines. Wireless connects through AT&T and Verizon Wireless, giving you the best coverage and most reliable network available. E-Machines. Wireless boxes operate today in all 50 states on literally thousands of ATMs.

Who likes dealing with the phone company and running phone lines? Yuck. E-Machines. Wireless eliminates all the delays and hassles associated with a conventional phone line. Plug the E-Machines. Wireless box into the ATM and a power source, plug in the antenna and you are done, the ATM is ready to communicate.

ATM users like ATMs that process transactions quickly. Many modern ATMs are capable of performing transactions at speeds significantly faster than a conventional phone can accommodate. E-Machines. Wireless allows you to get the fastest transactions possible - less than 10 seconds in most cases - from your new ATMs and get more of those repeat customers.

The typical land line costs over $50 every month. Most E-Machines. Wireless plans are less than half this amount. Savings of over $350 a year on a single ATM are typical. If you operate 100 ATMs this number is a massive $35,000 every year.

E-Machines. Wireless utilizes SSL encryption to protect your customer's transaction data. And we allow you to manage your ATMs remotely over secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).